We are proud to present 'SIMPLU' autoCRM. 'SIMPLU' is formed of a group of modules which optimize

Visibility, Effectiveness and Connectivity

It includes Business contacts maintenance, Dynamic tasks deployment, Automatic CRM updates, Geofencing, VOIP and Private chat secure communication tool. All managed from a secure administrative web interface.


  • Maintain your business contacts' details. Share it with your team.
  • Stored GPS coordinates ensure that your field force are guided to their destination.
  • Assign tasks which are dynamically deployed to your sales or delivery team.
  • Monitor the progress and the completion of the assigned tasks from SIMPLU's administrative interface.

Team Locator

  • Check the availability of your team members.
  • Assign tasks and set Geotags pointing to the desired destination.
  • Geolocate your field force in real time from SIMPLU's administrative web interface.
  • Visualize their destinations on the monitoring page.
  • Be notified whenever an employee reaches his destination and as soon as he leaves.


  • Communicate and chat with your team over a private network.
  • SIMPLU’s connectivity module allows free and secure voice communication between co-workers.
  • Employees on the move are constantly reachable on their assigned extension.
  • Manage it all from a secure administrative interface.

  SIMPLU Connectivity Suite

  Integrate with existing IP PBX  systems over VPN for enhanced security

Voice over IP
Integrated soft phone
Intra branches communication
Secure private network

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Task Management
Tasks can be created and assigned from the ease of SIMPLU’s web interface. Tasks can be prioritized or even re-assigned. Related tasks are organized in lists and historically searchable revealing its content and attachments. Sort tasks by status, person, keywords and due dates. You can also create tasks from your mobile device.
Team Management
Stay coordinated with your team, wherever your workday takes you. With SIMPLU, monitor your field forces easily and stay in touch with them by using the tasks' notifications and communication utilities. Monitor the progress of their assignments and its completion. SIMPLU is the automated assistant for an effective resources management.
Time Management
Allow your team members to check in at work, the moment they arrive and check out when they leave. SIMPLU's mobile application is the perfect replacement for traditional attendance systems. Run work efficiency reports detailing when an employee reported to work, the time he spent commuting, the time he spent at customers' sites and finally the time his work day ended.

Real-time GPS monitoring of sales representatives and delivery team

Assign Tasks to Mobile Field Force
Generate Reports for Specific Employees
Delivers a whole new level of understanding of Field Force Activities

SIMPLU Applications

Sales Account Management
Food and Beverage
Transportation & Distribution
Field Services
Engineering & Construction